Friday, 5 December 2014

"You're only as good as your last envelope"

The same part of my brain which affectionately remembers taking in the Sopranos for the first time remembers also tapping away on here. I pumped words into here for years and then just stopped. Nostalgia has made me log back in. I know nobody is going to be reading this now. Major life events have happened in the interim, lived not written about and I'm happy about that. They have their own life, their own space. This will perhaps become what it once was, a log of what stimuli is motivating me at least. Right now season one of the Sopranos is on the go at home and it led me back here. Perhaps jabbering about things of little consequence is more necessary than I once thought, perhaps it is what Dr Melfi offers Tony, perhaps this will be the only lonely post for another year or maybe I will be back tomorrow writing for myself to read in another few years.