Friday, 29 February 2008

Product placement

I was reminded about this clip today by a customer. Ever heard of Eyerer and Chopstick? You have now, keep your eyes peeled for a Slam City Skates shirt and enjoy the robot dog.

Fully stocked....

If you haven't seen Fully flared you should come in and have a watch downstairs, that and Static 3 are on heavy rotation. Every pro in the video got a board graphic and we have a pretty full quiver of them. Check these boards from Blueprint, Girl, Chocolate, Expedition and Cliche

Yes Jesus Jensen!... Jerome and the kind people at Shiner hooked us up with this sick Krooked cruiser signed for us by the Gonz himself. It'll be on the pillar next time you come in.

There's rumours of a new display being built downstairs in order to show off a few of the more unusual boards we get in like this one or the Shut Assault Vehicle. Give Jake's alley a look in tomorrow and you can see what goods Yaptain Streetwear has selected for you. Garms the Yaptain feels he can endorse will be beamed onto your computer screen on a weekly basis from now on. He's picked this weeks outfit out already

Monday, 25 February 2008


This is another loft find. 86 was the year Argentina won the world cup in Mexico. Top Gun was the top grossing film, Nintendo first started selling computer games to the U.S and IBM released the first lap top. Fascinating right? Not really, it happens to be the year Slam City Skates started in London and also the same year that Shut skateboard company started in New York.You can now get Shut stuff in the store which we're all stoked about. Come in and see it in the store or check the new shut section on the site. Phil Frost, the artist who painted the front of the shop has done two board graphics and a t-shirt too

Dogging on..

I was showed this clip today. What an amazing animal!

Thought I'd share another gem from the vaults too.

I think Slam City's very own Baron Greenback returns to his underground layer within the next few days to start hatching new plans after his trip to Majorca.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Hattie Hatstand

One night I was in garlic and shots with Henry Kingsford after work. A woman came over to us and introduced herself as Hattie hatstand. She told us that juggling was a similar discipline to skateboarding. She was completely insane. Later on she put the moves on Henry , he was having none of it, I'd go as far as to say he was terrified. We later saw her leaving hand in hand with not one but two gnarly biker guys, like that scene in the office where Gareth is on the back of the bike leaving the bar to be terrorised.
Why am I telling you this? We have a new hat display in the shop and it made me think of Ms Hatstand. Here are some pictures of it, come in and check it out as well as other new fixtures in the shop. Martin Lau built this for us. All these Huf hats are available in store only

Friday, 22 February 2008

Number 5 is alive!!

Short circuit killed it, so good! This is my most completed sticker album, one sticker away from filling in the foil poster. That loft collection isn't running out anytime soon so don't worry. I am quite a fan of dogs....yeah dogs! Use this link it's pretty amazing. Brought to you courtesy of Mark Jackson scouring the internet for this sort of stuff.

Thursday, 21 February 2008


The first post on here was a mix put together for the first slam night. This is now downloadable if you missed out on it the first time. Here's the playlist:

The breeders-Do you love me now?
Lynyrd Skynyrd-I ain't the one
Warren Zevon-Lawyers guns and money
Bruce Springsteen-Atlantic city
INXS-Need you tonight
Paul Simon-Diamonds on the soles of her shoes
Chris Isaak-Wicked game
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-Learning to fly
Huey Lewis and the News-Power of love
Neil Young-Dirty old man
Jane's Addiction-Ain't no right
Buffalo Tom-Treehouse
Hold Steady-Chips Ahoy

Give it a listen.....

Digging in the crates..

the loft crates! Only the cover remains unfortunately because I think every picture got cut out and put on the wall. This is one of the first supplements which came with BMX action bike. The worthless show in the green dragon last night was amazing especially as he was thrown out 4 minutes before he was due to be on stage. "The business" made an appearance in the set list and the whole raggotech army ended up on stage for the last track. Charlie has some amazing footage from the show, look out for it tomorrow.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Here's some tardy footage of sunday's worthless show. He's playing a lot so you should make it out there and see him and the whole crew. There's a show tonight in Croydon too! Buy his CD!!! Enjoy the footage..guest appearances from Oliver Sudden and Bernard

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

While you were busy at work...

...or skiving off peeping the Alf image below on your favourite blog spot, we were out skating! I fell off a lot but it was a good day. Charlie Young killed it and is weighing up sponsorship options-Jake's alley or Slam. I wasn't aware there was a team but if there was he'd be on and One punch would be heading up the rap team. As worthless would say that's a gully line-up!.Check the special guest appearance from Michael J Fox too. To have a good laugh at my expense Give the link below a click and it will play. See you later nerds...

Sunday, 17 February 2008

He tried to eat the cat!

My loft clear out really is the gift that keeps on giving, hope you're not getting tired of these little pieces of the past. Robbo designed an ALF shirt for slam, maybe some positive feedback could get that gem fast forwarded into production

Saturday, 16 February 2008

More hot wax!

No sign of Smurfette infiltrating the smurf way of life...

Friday, 15 February 2008

One punch mickey worthless!

If you've never heard of Worthless you need to check him out! We'll be uploading some footage of his show on sunday when the footage turns up. His album the battle begins is available in the shop too. Till then here's some photos of the Lele speaks show on wednesday which was banging. See Worthless repping slam there while he guested on two tracks..

Check the newest worthless tracks at You can buy shirts and cd's straight from there too. Here's some flicks of the Lele{speaks} set

You can hear Lele at and get Lele product straight from there

Keep an eye out. There are loads of shows coming up. You can find out about about them on the two myspace sites mentioned or check on the whole raggotech family at Check back here for the footage from sunday too

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Another piece of vinyl history

Here's another one for you, all pictures courtesy of my brother. Note the doozer toy in the top left corner. The little fellow is clockwork and still walks along all be it a little slowly nowadays. Interesting piece of trivia for you too, the guy who wrote the fraggle rock theme tune is called Tony Cox.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Free wallpaper

Jake's alley bringing you free downloadable wallpaper! It's adorning cinematographer Chris Massey's lap table, let it adorn yours!

Sit on it!

Having recently cleaned out the loft I have collected and not thrown away many wonderful things. I'll be sharing them with you. I thought this piece of Happy days wax could be the first. Give the mixtape a listen through, it's banging!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Welcome to Jake's alley!

Jake's alley is going to give you a window into the world of the staff members here at Slam. Expect food and product reviews, random musings and to start you off here's a mix I put together for the first Slam night.