Friday, 31 October 2008

"Charlie Brown is the one person I identify with..

... Charlie Brown is such a loser. He wasn't even the star of his own Halloween special". ~Chris Rock

Happy Halloween people, hope you've got the eggs in. Make sure you visit the Boss' website today for a special Halloween treat..

What better day than Halloween to check out cool skull stuff..

If I had an Oscar the Grouch costume I'd go to a party. I haven't got an Oscar the Grouch costume.

Thursday, 30 October 2008


..some new music. Ryan Adams and the Cardinals have a new record out but I've only given it one listen. Bonnie Prince Billy released this recently..

It's a live recording recorded during his tour of Scotland and Ireland in 2006. If you are already a fan of his songs it's a welcome addition to a prolific artists extensive catalogue. Usually I tend to steer clear of live recordings but in this case and a few others I make exceptions, they almost become different songs. If you are new to his material it's as good a place as any to start. The next disc I'm backing is one I overlooked despite Guy Rza's encouragement. It came out seven years ago..

An ambitious Neil Young project involving organist Booker T Jones and bassist Donald 'duck' Dunn of Booker T. and the MG's. It's Neil's soul album, at the time it wasn't the sound I was looking for. Right now it's top of the list of my pod appearances. What else am I backing today? Harry Redknapp, David Bentley, Darren Bent, Jermaine Jenas, Aaron Lennon, Arsenal girls team, going skating.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Regular UK visitor and now UK resident Will Harmon has asked to use the Alley as a kind of Gumtree service with a more tailored readership. Will has lost a photograph. It isn't this one..

and he couldn't find it here..

This is what he's looking for, we hope you can help. It's an old issue of Sidewalk. By Will's reckoning the photo was in an issue in late 2001 possibly the December issue. It could be in the January 2002 issue. Will has never seen the photo and would appreciate the copy of the mag. It's a sequence and a still of a backside nosegrind pop out at the now un-skateable National Portrait Gallery ledge. The photo was shot by Oliver Barton. If anyone has this for Will he is offering a reward so get it sent. Thank you for your cooperation

"Once again-gain"

Living vicariously through Rob's travels again. He has completed the Philly check-list. Lets join him..

1) Skate Love park-check

2) Skate FDR-check

3) Run up the Rocky stairs-check

4) See the Rocky statue-check

5) Eat a Philly cheese steak-check. Looks like Rob is having a time out there. The Baseball is going off too so it's fun time. Last night I was out with this guy..

Seeing MJ Fox off. We drank this after work and it was very nice..

It was the Nike SB endorsed wine that's been in here for ages. It may have been responsible for my nightmares. I dreamt I had a zip in the back of my neck. I was sleeping on my arm and could feel my silver chain, running my hand up and down it made it feel like a zip implanted in my neck. It was pretty terrifying and once I'd imagined this implant other zipped up characters appeared. Not fun. Have a good wednesday

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Man down

After today we are going to be a serious man down. New York is housing Rob right now and after tomorrow this guy will be back there..

We're going to miss you Mike, you better get that job in and plan your return. Weeks back a package arrived from France housing this and I'm sure it never made the Alley..

Claire sent it to us from France. It hasn't been tested yet, we aren't equipped with a can opener. I brought in some old tapes for Jensen today, he needed them for an installation he's doing. He brought me this muffin..

The blue licquorice allsort inspired me to buy some black jacks which are making my whole mouth black as I type. Do you remember this Jensen cover..

It was a banger. To enjoy more of Mr Marley's work visit..

Make sure you click through the covers, there's an amazing cover Mitt has for Manual magazine. There will be more Jensen footage in the new edition of the Lakai dvd..

This is available to pre-order right now on our online store so get those orders in for some behind the scenes action. I got this text message the other day and it made me laugh..

The Rob Drydon Susie spoke of was Rob Dyrdek. I told Susie that he was not a batty man but is a skateboarding pimp in Righteous Kill the new Pacino and DeNiro movie. I watched this last night..

It was entertaining, Brad Pitt's character kills it. See you in the morrow

Sunday, 26 October 2008

He saved every one of us..

..well that's not really true. Rob has saved the last two blog posts though, he's beavering away in New York acquiring Alley fodder. He bumped into this guy..

Making the tally two Australians in as many days. Yeah Ozzy Will! He saw another hairy guy on his travels..

and then found another one to make him breakfast..

The zoo provided him with a cake he couldn't finish due to it's icing heavy nature. It's Mike's halloween costume Oscar the Grouch..

Mike will be with Rob in not so many days, in the same city. He's coming strapped with Columbian coffee sacks full of his stuff. Fos just dropped in some tickets for us. The new Landscape video..

..has a premier date. It will be shown on Saturday 22nd of November at 6.45 and 7.45 at the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester square. We have sheets of tickets. They cost £4 each and are available in the store from now until then, come and snap yours up to guarantee your seat in the cinema

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Foreign correspondent

Our man in the field Rob Mathieson sent me breaking news from NY. This guy dispenses Rob's toilet paper..

and this guy who was convinced I wrote that I wanted to have his babies just beneath the coping of his then local bowl..

It seems that Mr Morgan's world tour has taken him back to where his gold fronts came from. Visit Sam's blog to see what was on the oither side of this photo..

More news as I have it

Friday, 24 October 2008

Something for the weekend

There's more new product in the shop than you can shake a stick at. We have some boxes of Altamont downstairs that will make the rail by the weekend. I unpacked it, there are some good jackets, sweats, flannel, cords and jeans. We have new Etnies and Emerica as you will have seen updated on the site. There are new boards on the wall..

We also have another in store only deal with this new DQM stuff. there is a sick jacket available in two colours..

This dirty bird shirt gets mine and Dan's blessing. Also available in two colours..

Everyone was hyped on this shirt, good colours..

We got two hat styles in. A new era in three colours..

and a snapback with a Krylon style logo..

We have a new dunk high Todd Bratraud colourway and a re-lick of the ever popular black and white Blazer low..

We went to the opening of the Pointer footwear concession in Size the other night. Here's the man himself Gareth Skewis..

Him and Tuuka hanging out in front of the booth and Nicky Gard who was making sure everything ran smoothly looking radiant. You should pop by and have a look, the installation is in Size on Carnaby street..

There was a good turn out. Hogs was there..

and the Callow man..

The last picture of the night is of agent LT73, a thorn between two roses..

There have been a few fun evenings with this man recently. Last night celebrated Seth and Stu Bentley's birthdays, tonight is Sam Ashley's, happy birthday lads. We enjoyed a 60 second in the microwave chicken burger late last night. I read a load of old skate mags at Charlie's house yesterday, it's fun looking at old pictures of your friends and reading the nonsense you have written about each other. Here are some pictures from old mags dropped in by a customer having a clearout. Toby Shuall running the Viccy bench area with a switch nose grind..

and Lev Tanju getting Spanish with his switch ollie..

Lev is busy designing a new Palace waywards web page for you to fill the gap left when myskateordie ceased living in your laptop. There is a Palace Waywards section in our friend Martin from Slugger's new dvd. You better be at the premiere, the poster is funny as hell..

Thursday, 23 October 2008


Juliet writes a blog titled Hell Yeah but the wordpress space is titled differently so click the link below..

It's the most impressive stuff I've ever seen done a bike, wait for the ender. Sharon made the video. See you at Stockwell.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


The Carhartt video has been worked on for a long time now and is finally ready to be viewed. I've seen incarnations of it but believe the newly edited version is a lot different from what I have seen. It promises to be good, expect to see some treats from the feet of the U.K contingent in there. Where and when can you see it? After some discussion about a venue to house the premiere we decided where better than in the shop, the last few premieres we've had here have been well received. Get your pencils and diary's out it's happening next month..

Caroline Krasse dropped us in a treat. By no means a Ghetto snack was this delicacy..

It got the seal of approval from everyone, Toddy was loving it. Jackson was suspicious and didn't test the waters, scared that it would offend his delicate palette. Plopp is amazing and I enjoyed the coconut after taste. News back from the field, Rob's flight was delayed and he had to change meaning he ended up arriving in the early hours of the morning. Joey who is beginning to believe the hype about his luck breezed into Newark and found a phone on the train he caught. Expect more updates of misfortune and fluke as they arrive in my inbox. What you up to tonight?..

Where's the free beer?..

That's right, see you there. Somebody left a plastic box of sea snails here a moment ago, Gustav has two pots of Herrings. The world has gone mad. The aforementioned fishy delights have not stirred my hunger, just the opposite in fact. Cheese sandwich time. Over and out

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


The weather on my day off yesterday left much to be desired but I got a skate in so all was not lost. If like me you are thinking..

and I'm sure you are. We've thought about you and picked out some flavour pieces to keep you warm throughout whatever your taste. Fresh in are these Penfield numbers. Every item is super good quality and reasonably priced. They'll hit the site tomorrow morning, for now here are some teasers for you to give you an idea. Do you remember back when you had the red and black lumberjack with the hat to match? Perhaps not but grab up some of these and you can reminisce like Biggie..

These tight little waterproofs are breathable and got the Seth seal of approval..

This next one got the Callow seal of approval, it has nice toggles..

This black jacket and vest have a purple plaid lining..

Top notch British winter skateboarding attire. We have two colourful puffer jackets..

This Spiderman colourway windcheater is lined, perfect over the top wear. This is the last of the Penfield jackets..

Next up are some good shirts. The red and black shirt I showed you in amongst the Biggie attire also comes in purple..

There is an interesting patchwork shirt they've done which comes in these two colour combinations..

The rail is a colourful addition to the store. We sold a jacket straight away..

This red beanie avec bobble was padded and made it's way into the pillar..

It comes in two other colours..

We have a choice of three backpacks for you. The red and black, the hickory and the khaki colourway we used for our Slam satchel..

Speaking of the Slam satchel we have the same bag in but in the Hickory colourway..

I think that's quite enough product for you today. I'll show you the new Enjoi pieces tomorrow. If you're eager to see them now check the site because they've made it on there already. Now we've clothed you let me show you a picture rob drew last thing on Sunday..

It's Micheal J Fox, myself and Luigi. Luigi's neck makes him look like a Pez dispenser. Rob has left for NY. He texted me his in flight entertainment schedule. The film line up was as follows...Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo bay, Drillbit Taylor, Semi Pro, Don't mess with the Zohan and the Soprano's. I hadn't told him I moonlighted as entertainments officer on Virgin Atlantic. All those films have been championed on the blog, I'm sure that was one of the most enjoyable flights he's ever taken. Last week was full of fun stuff for you to do. What do we have for you this week..

That's right! I knew that would reel you in, I have it from a reliable source AKA the man in charge that the beers will be flowing. It's in aid of this..

A Pointer concession/installation is opening in Size on Carnaby street tomorrow night. Here are the details..

You now know as much as me. Well that's not true as you may know more or less than me. In regards to this event we are on the same page. See you on Carnaby street.