Thursday, 16 October 2008

Beerhenge.. being constructed downstairs by Gorm as we speak. Stonehenge shapes made by cases of the free beer in store for tonight. What is happening tonight?

The Tweaker Freaker exhibition is opening, here's the window. The out of focus Jake camera handling action comes as standard. Had it been in focus it may not have captured the backbone of last nights Slam/+1 operation peering out to see what was happening. Jackson did a sterling job, I enjoyed Born To Run, Wonk played a powerful set and the conga line to "You can call me Al" was a good time. Having watched the football in the Griffin prior to the Macbeth we caught a ride in Steve's work mate Lee's new whip and headed over there. He bought this beast for eighty quid..

It stalled at one point on top of a speed bump, we were literally balanced on the floor panel. Some revs ended the teetering and we were off. Eighty quid is cheaper than a monthly travelcard. Hopefully you are coming to have a look tonight. Here's a teaser of the overview..

and here's another angle..

I'll show you a couple of choice pieces too. Special sneek peak. Another nice vehicle for you in the way of a VW camper..

This next piece from Dom Marley is possibly my favourite photograph ever taken..

Stella killing it! So good! You'll have to make your way down to have a better look at all the work. I don't think Jackson had enough "Play some Oasis!" requests last night. I wanted to bring you a picture of Dan in front of a massive Dig Out Your Soul poster. This never happened. Luckily Will Harmon provided me with an Oasis themed picture from a previous East end visit..

Dan's gift acquired at the last Wonk show was this Oasis tote bag. Right, this post has had two pictures of Vw's but only one picture of a dog. Luckily I can even that up with another dog clipping given to me by Charlie. The skateboarding bulldog..

More and more bodies are walking through the door. Beerhenge is in danger of total collapse. Viva le Tweaker!

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leeroy said...

loveing the pic of the hood wip bruv