Tuesday, 14 October 2008

El Producto..

Mad product for you today, the door was barely open when I heard "wans for you" and quickly assisted with the un-loading of the van. Have a look at what's new..

The back to school classics for you, tell your mum you can get some all black Vans and an all black Eastpak rucksack with dual purpose action-gunshot! Neil's dad's even got one of the rucksacks. The all black 106 and the Chukka are suede and we have re-licked the black half cab. Some slightly less substantial numbers next..

Era's in black and navy and the classic old skool colourway. The TNT2 and the Rowley Shambles next..

The final new Vans stock are these pro model shoes..

The Chukka low colourway belongs to this guy..

The other two shoes are the new Anthony Van Englen's, they're the AV3. All of these will be live on the site in no time. Jackson is downstairs beavering away at that as we speak. Being the industrious fellow that he is he has also managed to get a mail out sent out to all our subscribers. Haven't received one? All you need to do is go to the Slam City Skates home page and look at the subscription option at the foot of the page. Fire your email address over to us and you'll never miss a mail out again. If you have subscribed already you could stand to win a pair of the Stecyk/Mountain Blazers providing you can answer this month's taxing question. Jackson took some time out from it all to model some of the new Huf product. The hat he chose to model was this felt and suede piece. First up the Ron Burgundy..

It's like an old Timberland hat, it also comes in black..

The green one is sick..

Here's what the under-visor looks like and the leather back..

Jacko makes a cracking hat model. These Huf items are only available in the store. There are two new shirt styles..

As well as this logo shirt we have this one..

Years ago at around this time everyone would be excited about the new range of Silas jackets coming through the door. You couldn't beat a Silas item for the winter months, they were always reliably good. The Huf range is filling that void to some extent with choice items like this turning up..

The Peacoat is a good weighty Winter piece and comes in these two colours. Have a closer look at the anchor detail on the buttons..

There are new Huf 5 panels in four colours. These two..

and these..

That's it for the Huf stuff. More will arrive in the near future, come by and have a look. Two new DVS shoes came in..

These are the Dayton and the Gavin. Each shoe is part of the Original Intent series. The Dayton colourway is based on Purdy's Lounge, a bar in Florida. A new colour came in just now of an existing Slam shirt. We have the Big Ben shirt in but it's a black shirt with a 3M print. The shirt looks like this sans flash..

Some flash action will give you some idea of the 3M power this garment is packing..

This is the detail on the back, again the 3M power is enhanced..

The last arrival was a good box from Joe Perrin..

Back online and avilable here, grab one of these dvd's while they're here, the last lot flew out. While I was Blu Tacking this poster onto the counter Stella was milling about. Her and Joey paid us a visit, she was in high spirits and doing laps. She does laps downstairs but the painted floor offers little traction so she corners like a race car sliding out to the side. I thought I'd caught her at a quiet moment and would get a non blurry photo for once. There is never a quiet moment it seems..

This is what you're doing tomorrow night..

The last newsworthy thing came courtesy of this guy..

This picture was taken at the tail end of a day of sickness. The satchel pictured here usualyy houses extra clothing and bottles of ice valley. He filled it with a priceless piece of vinyl for me the other day. Yes Luigi!

You can't start a fire
You can't start a fire without a spark
This gun's for hire
Even if we're just dancing in the dark

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