Saturday, 18 October 2008

I know what you did last thursday..

..I don't actually but I know if you were here at the Tweaker show. It was an amzing turn out. Downstairs was rammed with revellers..

and it just kept filling up..

Over six hundred beers got taken down in a short space of time. Just the thought of it gave Jamie Aaaagghh the shivers..

We had a visit from Chris Pulman which is the stamp of approval in my opinion. He won't admit to liking Will Ainley's Christmas spesh reggae mix he made us but was caught in the act of repping a weed hat..

I'm well aware of Pizzer's stance on reggae, he wouldn't be happy today it's a reggae off. As well as Pulman we had a visit from a full clip of Matix riders. Biebel was here, Jeron Wilson was here, Torey Pudwill was here. You're going to have to take my word for that because my photo oppurtunities were limited by my station for the evening which was behind the counter, that and not liking to approach people for photos. We have a sick one of Edson, Missy and Lev though..

One of the exhibitions contributors was on the same bench, mr Henry Kingsford..

He has a good photo of a Gustav ollie. You should really come and have a look. Our confines behind the counter were a tight operation, a certain amount of retail went down at the same time as the show. In the background we see folk at play in the cool evening, in the foreground..

One thing that cheered this face and made him spring into action was a sighting of a Luigi-alike. This photo doesn't carry the full impact. From the side the likeness was uncanny. As promised here is the tall Luigi..

Another good guest for the evening was Dan Henshaw..

and here is the man himself and crew pictured with Tony Soprano's gay Capo Vito Spatafore..

As well as Pizzer another good Litmus test of a good event is Ash. Ash was here..

That's a slice of me in the corner regurgitating one of the Cougars jokes I'd re-acquired the night before. In the midst of all this chaos was this guy..

Reda was on the loose with his camera. We'd built a wall to discourage any behind the counter action and made a wood barrier to do the same for any board wall loitering. Reda took great pleasure in demolishing these. At least I have one photo of a visitor you wouldn't expect to see. To finish the night off here's Hops mid seizure and Jackson mid yawn..

Last one of the night is of Dan and mutant tooth behind bars..

You've liked those pictures of peoples set-ups? Usually they're pretty good. This is how Charlie's rolling. By the skin of his teeth..

That rig is good but one of those wheels is not like the others. Three new wheels and one old one glued on. Have you got a picture on your Oyster card? Might be worth it, check out Jensen's..

Yesterday at Thorpe Park was off the chain!! I went on every big ride a handful of times. Collossus is amazing! 10 loop the loops in one ride! Doing them in the dark is a totally different experience. I had a great time. Early in the day we had a go on the vortex, it's basically a swing but the end piece rotates at the same time. You get a good amount of over vert heart in your throat action. As the ride settled down I noticed some kids pointing and laughing at their friend. I looked over just in time to see him vomit on himself..all over his lap. That is pure VFM. It was fright night so you have these mazes with live actors in. Muggins here was designated group leader so off I walked through the 7 maze. Based on the film of the same name where a serial killer kills according to each of the deadly sins. You walk blind through flaps and doors in the dark then suddenly someone jumps out at you. Murdered corpses, blood on the walls, screams...standard stuff. At one point a screaming bloody woman grabbed me by the jumper from out of the shadows. This just pissed me off. Toddyy says the only emotion he gets from a rollercoaster is anger, he's pissed off by the situation he's in. I love rollercoasters but I hated this, I wasn't scared, I was annoyed. I tried to win this for Magee..

..but I couldn't hit down three cats in a row. I swear they weight the balls differently. One thing I always wanted to do was have a Western photo taken. My brother and I made it happen. The wanted poster..

and the Saloon chilling photo..

The thing I was most stoked on yesterday was conquering my fear of this bad boy..

It's the least predictable which I have decided makes it the most thrilling. Make sure you come in to buy this while it's here..

See you tomorrow

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