Friday, 10 October 2008

Made in America

I took down the final episodes of the Soprano's last night..

It's the best TV series ever made I think and now I feel as Dan Henshaw put it..."a hole in my life" The next logical step has to be a pilgrimage to Jersey to take the tour. Perhaps I should go back and re-visit series one. I watched the first two episodes of this last night too..

The scientist is hilarious. The existence of this softens the blow somewhat but it's going to take a lot to fill that void. A good visit from Joey and happy Ben on his dog walking adventures brightened our morning. He was with Stella and Nero who had a writhing around on his back episode in the middle of the shop..

My grandmother's poodle Ruggles used to do this and she'd call it "having a funny five minutes". It was nothing to worry about apparently but she thought the kitchen door corner being gnawed half off was just fine too. Nero is a friendly chap whereas the poodle i'm talking about I was strongly advised to steer clear of. Along with Joey's dog walking responsibilities he also has to make a pschological evaluation of Nero, they should send him to see my gran. I mentioned my lack of inspiration for today's post to Seth and he had a suggestion. Occasionally take pictures of visitor's boards. I have three for you straight from the car park at the end of the counter..

Board one belongs to Vaughan Baker. Everything on there is available in the shop right now too. The Blueprint team boards fly out usually but we have good stock for the weekend. Vaughan rides the high wide Thunders. Slam City Skates' last manager Chris Pulman has also recently made the switch from riding Indy's to riding these. He's backing the way they turn. Seth's board next..

Seth usually has a more involved paint job on the go, this must have been a rush. This Zero board has been in stock and out again but we have a decent array of Zero decks for you in stock. Seth has always had a set of Indy's and we always have a box in stock. Next up and last is Will Harmon's board..

We have the exact board in he's riding and many more Girl and Chocolate boards for you..

Breaking news as I type comes in the form of a question from Neil...."where's Southsea skatepark?" Ches will be stoked on the Adidas sticker placement on Will's board and perhaps less so the Nike sabotage I'm sure he's noticed by now. Will brought us in a good Ghetto snack from Spanish Harlem but I'm waiting for Magee to be here because they appeal to his sensibilities more than most, Dan too come to think of it. I'm not sure this board car park will be a regular feature but it helped spin a yarn today. The weekend beckons, get out there..

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