Thursday, 2 October 2008

Fork me!

The latest Pot Noodle promotion is pretty good. You can buy the prize if you haven't won it legit. Rob had a prize code beneath his lunches top and sent away for a spinning fork! No more tired wrists or so you would think. Luck was not on his side however, the spinning fork which has wobbly prongs failed to spin!...

His dissapointment was eased when his new whip arrived..

A classic. I'm not going to blow it up any more than that, he has work to do on it, the handlebars are getting tastefully re-gripped as we speak. Good news for you shoppers out there looking to part with some sheckles..

So many shirts are now only £10! Come in and have a look, the Suburban Bliss and Diamond ones have been flying out. Just above the rails filled with sale product is a new addition to the shop donated by a man moving on from upstairs. It was liberated from a park in Washington D.C..

Hopefully you enjoyed the Lookbook we put together featured on the front of the site. Our friends at Duffer did one for Japan..

Think you recognise the man on the cover? You probably do..

Landscape's Joey Pressey wearing one of the best garm's. Joey is currently on a Nike SB trip involving caravan's. New SB's are heading our way so stay tuned. Slam gets more than a look in in the Duffer look book..

From what I can make out we were destination number one in the London stop off points. Tonight, this is happening! It's on for a while so get yourself down there, Vaughan Baker, Si Peplow, Toby Shuall, Simon True, Markus Oakley, Jethro Haynes, French.....the list goes on as you can read for yourself,,

Yesterday I donned a lesser worn Jacket piece. I put my hand in the pocket and pulled out a receipt. I'll be honest receipts are more often than not from Nando's or the Cross Keys. I'm glad I checked before it was tossed..

It made me smile seeing my name beneath that heavy hitting double bill, it could be my favourite receipt. The receipt is from the venue this exhibition I brought to your attention takes place at too... Rough Trade East. I bid you goodnight.


The Digital Deekies said...

Will the sale tshirts be going on to the website?


Jakes Alley said...

Sorry sir. I don''t think they'll make the site. Phone the store and tell someone what sort of thing you want and in what size and they'll have a hunt for you. You could then make an order over the phone. 0207 240 0928

Muggsy Brogues said...
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Muggsy Brogues said...

Here's the Duffer lookbook online: