Wednesday, 29 October 2008

"Once again-gain"

Living vicariously through Rob's travels again. He has completed the Philly check-list. Lets join him..

1) Skate Love park-check

2) Skate FDR-check

3) Run up the Rocky stairs-check

4) See the Rocky statue-check

5) Eat a Philly cheese steak-check. Looks like Rob is having a time out there. The Baseball is going off too so it's fun time. Last night I was out with this guy..

Seeing MJ Fox off. We drank this after work and it was very nice..

It was the Nike SB endorsed wine that's been in here for ages. It may have been responsible for my nightmares. I dreamt I had a zip in the back of my neck. I was sleeping on my arm and could feel my silver chain, running my hand up and down it made it feel like a zip implanted in my neck. It was pretty terrifying and once I'd imagined this implant other zipped up characters appeared. Not fun. Have a good wednesday

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