Saturday, 4 October 2008

Rain stopped play?

Luckily I managed to get a few hours skating in this morning. If you woke late and have some web site visiting time having stopped off here give the new Tweaker zine a look..

Occasional Alley contributor and regular all time good lad Tom Richardson has an article featuring his Polaroid photography featuring familiar faces and the odd carcass. The man behind many of the images used on recent Slam shirts and our last board as well as the Look Book -Mr Henry Kingsford has an article too containing a grip of new photos. Once the Nike exhibition has enjoyed it's time frame it is to be replaced by a Tweaker exhibition..

Here's a list of contributors...

Kathy Barber
Alex Burrell
Ray Calthorpe
Andy Collins
Marije deHaass
Bram De Martelaere
David Dixon
Jay Dords
Simon Evans
Rich Gilligan
Paul Gonella
Rich Holland
Richie Hopson
Alex Irvine
Henry Kingsford
Luc Lacey
Dom Marley
My Skate or Die
Isaac McKay-Randozzi
Thomas Richardson
Sam Roberts
Rob Salmon
Craig Scott
Dan Singer
Matt Thomas
Dave Turner
Ian Weake
Ollie Whitehead
Dan Wood
Andy Vost

Hopefully some words I put together last night will have reached their destination by now and there will be an interview with one of our resident American's on there soon. I'll let you know when this occurs. Bookmark the Tweaker and have a productive weekend.

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