Saturday, 11 October 2008

"My friends call me Mike..."

Look what Magee brought the store back from the good people at RAW!...

If anyone deserves a guest board it's this guy, he was one of the illest skateboarders ever in my opinion. If you are unfamiliar check this part in the FIT video Credo..

Nate Keegan has this to say on the screen on the top.."Mike has one of my favourite styles on and off a skateboard. He might not be coming out of the woodwork making a comeback like all of these older guys, but you might be surprised to know he's still got it like that, and he is still skating. I've always looked up to him and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say it's about fucking time this guy has a board with his name on it." There is some justice in this world. I'll bring you some images tomorrow of the new Slam City sweats. They have a new rodent friend on them and are available on our new heavyweight crew necks and hooded tops. Check back tomorrow for a peek or better yet pay us a visit. I saw this last night and it made me laugh..

I liked seeing the word cat on the burger van which brings me to my next subject. The summer out house my dad built and decked is filled with the remnants of the loft conversion. At the very back is an old upright mattress, this has enticed a new resident to our garden. I'd never seen him before the other day. The mattress gives him a great view of the bird feeder. A Jay occasionally visits our feeder but from the movements I've observed he has no chance of catching those birds. Meet our new honourary lodger..

See you tomorrow for your new jumper

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