Wednesday, 22 October 2008


The Carhartt video has been worked on for a long time now and is finally ready to be viewed. I've seen incarnations of it but believe the newly edited version is a lot different from what I have seen. It promises to be good, expect to see some treats from the feet of the U.K contingent in there. Where and when can you see it? After some discussion about a venue to house the premiere we decided where better than in the shop, the last few premieres we've had here have been well received. Get your pencils and diary's out it's happening next month..

Caroline Krasse dropped us in a treat. By no means a Ghetto snack was this delicacy..

It got the seal of approval from everyone, Toddy was loving it. Jackson was suspicious and didn't test the waters, scared that it would offend his delicate palette. Plopp is amazing and I enjoyed the coconut after taste. News back from the field, Rob's flight was delayed and he had to change meaning he ended up arriving in the early hours of the morning. Joey who is beginning to believe the hype about his luck breezed into Newark and found a phone on the train he caught. Expect more updates of misfortune and fluke as they arrive in my inbox. What you up to tonight?..

Where's the free beer?..

That's right, see you there. Somebody left a plastic box of sea snails here a moment ago, Gustav has two pots of Herrings. The world has gone mad. The aforementioned fishy delights have not stirred my hunger, just the opposite in fact. Cheese sandwich time. Over and out

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