Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The hype man cometh

Early in the week here to get you on a hype with the promise of things to come. Sneak peeks of what will be turning up soon. I would tell you about the Dillinger's double decker burger I had from a tyre pressue tip off from the Laidlow. I would explain what a tyre pressue tip off is too but there's no time. I may get involved with that later on. Hype info I'm going to start with is fresh in from this guy..

Toby Shuall's fall drop is due in and I have a few images to bring you. Modelled by Joey is the new hood he has done. An awful lot of work went into creating this item..

Will Ainley is probably in a Forest just like this in Glastonbury right now..

This shirt Joey's wearing is sick..

This shirt is sick too and is also going to be available on a crew neck sweat..

Toby made sure he got Joey's bitch involved in the shoot too..

To see all of the new items give Toby's blog a visit, this link will take you straight to the Fall line..


Be sure to have a good look around on there too. Toby is busy getting our garms boxed up so check the site tomorrow for all the new product. Some more hype for you, Joey's Nike box turned up and I got some photos of what we knew would be coming in from it. The first shoe is based on this guy..

The Boba Fett colourway was used on a Dunk high top..

The next shoe is a Dunk low based on a spot in Melbourne. It's the gold rail outside Flinders street station. Wanted a picture of Keenan but didn't find one..

This is the shoe..

That's my hype for today out of the way, enjoy that piece of un-intended poetry. Benji has convinced me that keeping abreast of current events is important. If you don't avidly watch the news you miss things of real note like this..

See you tomorrow for some Suburban Bliss stuff hot off the presses.

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