Sunday, 12 October 2008

Pizzer's away!

We just had a good visit from the Pizzer's. Chris and co were in town for the day and hopefully will be making the Tweaker exhibition this Thursday. Here's Michelle and Chris and little Jacob..

During the visit Mike was gripping the lil' Daniel board. We've had it in a few times and he always ends up gripping it. Rob always tries to get a picture of it in progress, he failed again but got this one..

As promised I have images for you of the new Slam Sweats as worn by Charlie Young. This is the hood..

The print on the chest looks like this..

The other detail on here is a print on the arm..

The sweats are a nice weight and have good cuffs and as demonstrated in the last photo a good hood. The arm detail is the Slam S with London written beneath it..

With the insta-thug hood removed we have a happy chap in the crew neck..

The other new piece we have for you is a tweak on the Shark shirt, a proper Jaws colourway..

All these items will be available online from tomorrow. Will Harmon's Ghetto Snack entry from Spanish Harlem got taken down by Dan yesterday..

Quick work was made of those rinds, thank you Will. Luigi's back with some treats from Chickenland. Enjoy the rest of your weekend

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