Tuesday, 21 October 2008


The weather on my day off yesterday left much to be desired but I got a skate in so all was not lost. If like me you are thinking..

and I'm sure you are. We've thought about you and picked out some flavour pieces to keep you warm throughout whatever your taste. Fresh in are these Penfield numbers. Every item is super good quality and reasonably priced. They'll hit the site tomorrow morning, for now here are some teasers for you to give you an idea. Do you remember back when you had the red and black lumberjack with the hat to match? Perhaps not but grab up some of these and you can reminisce like Biggie..

These tight little waterproofs are breathable and got the Seth seal of approval..

This next one got the Callow seal of approval, it has nice toggles..

This black jacket and vest have a purple plaid lining..

Top notch British winter skateboarding attire. We have two colourful puffer jackets..

This Spiderman colourway windcheater is lined, perfect over the top wear. This is the last of the Penfield jackets..

Next up are some good shirts. The red and black shirt I showed you in amongst the Biggie attire also comes in purple..

There is an interesting patchwork shirt they've done which comes in these two colour combinations..

The rail is a colourful addition to the store. We sold a jacket straight away..

This red beanie avec bobble was padded and made it's way into the pillar..

It comes in two other colours..

We have a choice of three backpacks for you. The red and black, the hickory and the khaki colourway we used for our Slam satchel..

Speaking of the Slam satchel we have the same bag in but in the Hickory colourway..

I think that's quite enough product for you today. I'll show you the new Enjoi pieces tomorrow. If you're eager to see them now check the site because they've made it on there already. Now we've clothed you let me show you a picture rob drew last thing on Sunday..

It's Micheal J Fox, myself and Luigi. Luigi's neck makes him look like a Pez dispenser. Rob has left for NY. He texted me his in flight entertainment schedule. The film line up was as follows...Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo bay, Drillbit Taylor, Semi Pro, Don't mess with the Zohan and the Soprano's. I hadn't told him I moonlighted as entertainments officer on Virgin Atlantic. All those films have been championed on the blog, I'm sure that was one of the most enjoyable flights he's ever taken. Last week was full of fun stuff for you to do. What do we have for you this week..

That's right! I knew that would reel you in, I have it from a reliable source AKA the man in charge that the beers will be flowing. It's in aid of this..

A Pointer concession/installation is opening in Size on Carnaby street tomorrow night. Here are the details..

You now know as much as me. Well that's not true as you may know more or less than me. In regards to this event we are on the same page. See you on Carnaby street.

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