Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Currently Backing..

..a few new releases. I'm sure you've heard of or actually heard the man on many a Festival bill this summer Seasick Steve. Championed by Jools Holland and on the show more than a couple of times he has a new record out. Each song is explained a little beforehand, it's a good listen...

You wouldn't believe me when I say that Human conditions by Richard Ashcroft has been played more than seven times in a row today, maybe you would. Anyway it has. One new release I would not expect to have played as much as I have is this..

It's really good and I'm happy every time it comes on the pod. Another thing I'm backing are these..

Sam at Nike has sorted me out a pair and they are sick, best shoes to skate in requiring no wear in period. The colour is based on these old Airwalk prototypes my friend Matt had years ago with a dragon on the back..

Enough about me. What have we got for you guys? One thing we have is three boxes of Stussy. These will be available online very shortly but I've sorted out some teasers for you. These Lumber shirts..

..which I think are really good, another plaid too called a Mustang..

There are three good jackets..

As well as these items there are some new tees and three different sweatshirts. All of these are dripping their way into the online store as we speak so keep refreshing that news page. We have new Vans stock too..

Neckface has doodled his way over the AV Era. It's a nice rust colour. The furry black one is a TnT4, the toe is a pony hair finish. Also we have two good Half Cab colours..

I can see those brown ones on Josh Stewart's feet. There are some fresh bright colours in too, just what you need for this crisp October weather. Pick up one of the Stussy plaid shirts and some of these bad boys..

One night I was in the old local in Bromley and met Dan in there. He was with someone I'd never met..."this is Phil" was all I got from Dan. We hung out and I knew no more that night than that I'd met Dan's mate Phil. It was a while later on that I found out Phil was Dan's dad. You saw Lucien's bike the other day, this is Phil's whip..

..and this is him in action..

You've got a week to build up your stamina for this..

W,W,W,W,Wonk-unit! The Tweaker show is the day after, who says we never do anything for you? Joke from Andy just in..."How does a butcher introduce his wife?"...."Meat Patty"

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