Sunday, 30 March 2008

The weather...

is holding out for you by the looks of things. It didn't for this guy.....

If this has made you want to heed that warning we have a full range of safety gear here, we have bullet pads and helmets but no long boards. Have a good rest of the weekend, see you next week

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Something for the weekend sir?

Hopefully you get to skate this weekend, if you don't, come by and pick up some new media...

Charlie is in the new Skateboard mag in the London article as well as Toddy, Steph, Lucien and Nick. Well worth a look. Charlie's switch krooked grind photo on a horse trough is mis-labelled as a regular one, just clearing that one up for you. Nick Jensen has a double whammy this month as far as coverage in American mags goes. He has an interview in Slap too....

The interview is rad. He has some sick photos and Dom and Toby asked him some good questions. He waxes lyrical about lots of stuff including having 50 cent in his house. Here is a teaser of this Southbank photo which has everything in it, even the ice cream van.
One thing we were stoked about was him road testing a Slam City Skates board on his switch ollie down the thirteen at Liverpool street

He's on one of the 8 inch ones here. We have these in stock as well as the 7.6 and 7.75. Good work Nick, always steady repping

If you haven't signed the Southbank petition hurry up ....

Toby Shuall, one of the makers of the Save southbank film just dropped us in fliers for his show

Please come by to both events, Toby has promised some ambitious work will be filling our basement so keep the 24th free and come and listen to Toby, Winstan and Will Bankhead play records. See you in the future

Friday, 28 March 2008


...Is product day. Just received another Air Trainer 2! Stoked on this colour way, it's got a reflective swoosh once again, it's £79.95 too and it looks like this..

Not only is there new footwear here for you, we have a grip of new boards too. I'll take you through them

These boards from Habitat in the limited edition series turned up. The whole series looks rad, each board is 7.875.

We have these two Alien boards. The Jason Dill is part of the soldier series, it's 7.625. The Josh Kalis is one of the Glugs boards, always nice to have a Kalis board in, it's 7.5

Also from Alien are the Dylan Reider debut models in both sizes. The one on the left is 7.625 and the bigger one on the right is 8, what a good graphic

These Anti Hero boards are in and the ever popular Jew Lien board too, one reserved and one left. The Cardiel screaming eagle has sold out a couple of times but is back by popular demand. The board is 7.9, we have the Eagle 2 board in again in small, it's 7.625

The Gonz sweatpants is back in and is the 7.75 one, the Gonz Peligro is 7.81 and the Drehobl Corpsey which is always a firm favourite is 8.25

The Creature Sam Hitz was a no brainer. Creature boards never hang around for very long, more Creature related news in a minute. The Hitz is big, it's 8.1

I was stoked on the Hensley all star, a tip of the hat to the old H street graphic, I got in the reglar one not the cruiser shape, it's big though...8.25. The Chet Childress board in the artists series is 7.75, Lance Mountain did the graphic.
Hopefully that's enough for you over the weekend, we have The Skateboard mag with the London article in and also the Slap mag with Jensen's interview so come and pick up your copy here.

Alfie Ashpole from Jersey came in today with another Sam Hitz board, the Hack saw board we had in here. We got it set up and ready to roll for him, being a fairly unusual shape it attracted quite a lot of attention..

Rob got to grip it, carefully hollowing out those holes with a file..

He was stoked on his new board. Good luck with the weather tomorrow Alfie, hope your new board gets to explore Romford without sawing your leg off.

What the dunk?

We got a new one. Been a while now, we only received eight pairs of this new Dunk High. It's part of the guitar series, this one is based on a Marshall amp. It's a premium so it's £69.95

We also got in the first colour we've had of the Air Trainer II. It's the gold colourway. These are £79.95

The swoosh is reflective, I'll prove it to you....

There's some more stuff coming in later on, mostly boards so check the alley if you're in the market for a new board this weekend, I'll bring you that gold sitting in Charlie's camera over the next day or so too. Had a beer with Charlie and Neil last night, I was most impressed at the pub having the king of beers on tap....

Here is a picture of our web master in happier times..

See you next week Mark, have a good weekend.

This will brighten your day! The first installment is available on the Toy Machine dvd suffer the Joy, got nothing to do today? Get inspired by Billy's Balls!

Good and bad

Always the way isn't it? Something harshes your mellow and almost instantly something counteracts it and all is forgotten. That happened yesterday, something bad happened...

....Imagine beavering away uploading new stuff on the alley only to look up an see those terrifying finger nails scraping away at an I phone! That did it for me! But then about thirty minutes later this guy turns up!

Straight off the plane and out for the night! Sorry for the tardy update people, went skating today and got home late. Toddy is back in London town and Charlie Young has some gold dust for the blog on his camera so stay tuned!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Another day...

Another dollar, more money more murder! Wet outside again but hopefully not tomorrow. Nugget was 18 last night and upon being ejected from the night out by a bouncer he mooned him which was pretty funny. He hadn't even been mis-behaving, simply crowd surfing on top of the other birthday boy Mr Mathieson.
Plans were finalised today for Toby Shuall's art show next month. It's happening on the 24th of April in the store and he has an after party booked in at the Macbeth. I'll keep you informed again nearer the time but mark that thursday in your diary. The show will be filling the space the previous DVS exhibition filled. The Skateboard mag with the London article in will be with us by friday as will the Slap with the Nick Jensen interview so you can side step Borders.
What's good and new? These new Vans just turned up

This is the Independent Chukka Low and it's £49.95. It is a nubuck shoe with a suede toe piece. Ideal!

This is the J-Lay, it's Johnny Layton's new shoe. It looks like it would be amazing to skate in and it's £49.95

Another Independent collaboration is this AV Era which is £59.95

Last but not least is this new colour in the half cab. Always a firm favourite these are still £39.95

These should be on the site by friday when our injured web master returns. If you want them before then pay us a visit or call us on 0870 420 4146. I saw this last night and I was stoked..

Always nice to see the Garden of England being repped, especially late at night on your way home. Here are some things you need to check out...

This is Neil Chesters newly revived blog. Fifteen feet of pure white snow!

This is self explanatory, Jamie Arghh's piracy is now available to you all via the world wide web. Have a good day people.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Tin Pan Jake's Alley

There's always some noise going on outside that door. Nearer Christmas there's the Opera nause from the salad bar, the Hare Krishna's take a wrong turn occasionally and bang those drums on the way past or you hear sound byte's from loud pedestrians shouting to each other. Today it was none of those, instead it was The Futureheads playing Hounds Of Love


When people aren't asking for Sk8 or die dunks they are calling about new HUF shirts. I put some on the pillar today

We had a lot more HUF shirts but they sell through quickly and are only available in-store as are all the New Era hats. We receive regular drops so it's worth coming by to check out the new stuff. As soon as we receive any we'll post images on the site. There was a media frenzy in the shop earlier:

Here we see Sam Ashley and Dom Marley adopting the military look while Neil Chester brings some colour to the proceedings. "That's the kind of guy I am" Ches said "Bringing some colour and brightening everything up". "You're more like a sponge!" Marley said in reply. Dom is taking that military approach to the streets as we speak describing himself as a soldier of fortune. He encountered Lenny Henry in the doorway of the local sweet shop a few hours ago. Lenny was blocking Marley's path so he jogged him out of the way. It's that no nonsense attitude that's got him where he is today.

We have a reason to celebrate today!

Nugget is 18!!!! Look out for him in a pub near you. Not just Nugget though...

Rob Mathieson is 25!!!!

Happy birthday fellas!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

The weather has ruled out skateboarding for the last two days so I'm looking forward to the summer coming. Here's one more reason to look forward to it,

New Slang

Is a night John Tolley puts on in Kingston, think it was on last night. I didn't go but thought I'd mention it. I used that as the headline because of an old picture I found.
Working in the shop we are in the front line as far as kids trying out new slang words is concerned. There are the old classics, the Seth killers, best used all in one sentence...bare, safe and heavy. These were industry standard for a long time, I thought it had gone a little far when one well spoken middle class white boy asked to borrow 20p and said " safe very much " on receiving it. The best one i've heard recently is " shower ". Another good story about street lingo is Brewster overhearing a guy in foot locker say to his friend " I'm blatantly too reckless for these trainer! "
Anyway the killer of late has been "buff". "These are buff!", "Do you think these are buff?", "No those are much more buff!" etc. "Nang" is my pet hate but "Buff" has the best effect on Rob and Jackson. "Buff" brings out the temple massage at the best of times. Here's a photo in it's honour

I was later informed whose board was repping the sticker. It belonged to none other than work experience superstar Fred Bennet! The best thing about the word buff is that you can throw it into pretty much any sentence. If you're having trouble just create a sentence you don't need to say and say it anyway cos that would be buff....still!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Keep your eyes peeled!

A few video releases slip by the radar but one eagerly anticipated gem is the next release from Ricky Oyola's Traffic skateboards. It's called Moving in Traffic and is due to be released soon

It will be good to see new parts from Jack Sabback and Bobby Puleo as well as the rest of the team. If you slept on the last dvd they brought out "VIA" there are still a few left in the store. It's amazing and is only a fiver

The new graphics look really good too, as soon as Zorlac has the new stuff his end we'll get some in and let you know. Here's some O.G moving in traffic action for you in the mean time

And a picture of Jack Sabback, honorary London resident Michael J Fox and Kenny Hughes taking it pirate style a few years ago in Barcelona

Sunday off!

Everywhere is closed around Covent garden today so we closed the shop and all have the day off. A day of holiday. Got me to thinking about old holidays. Trawling through some of my brothers old holiday videos I found this one of us messing about in Corfu. I was supposed to bounce over the beds but that didn't really happen, the footage kept us amused for days...

Weather permitting, going to get a skate in tomorrow. Hope you like the holiday footage, it's made me want to go away again soon. Enjoy your next few days off

Saturday, 22 March 2008

What shall I eat for lunch?

Somebody asks this question every day, usually me. Then there follows about 30-40 minutes of debate and indecision. there are safety options, the classic cheese baguette, a jacket potatoe, a bagel. Today I'm going to let you in on a little secret. You're in Slam and you're hungry, really hungry. However you don't want to spend much, what do you do? Three quid realistically is a sandwich budget at best. I'm going to turn that three quid into an 11 inch pizza! I know, I know ...alchemy. What you do is walk out of Slam and take a left, at Shorts gardens on the corner of Neals yard turn left again. You are going to walk straight across Neals street and walk past Duffer on your right hand side

Stick your head round the door and say hello to Ash and Charlie and Neil ( who will probably be looking at Jake's Alley on the internet ) and Gary. Have a chat and then continue on your journey. Walk straight up past the fish and chip shop and past the sweet shop that sells sausage rolls. Carry straight on until you reach Drury lane, you'll know you're there because you're opposite a vintage clothes shop and can only turn left or right. Turn left. On your right hand side will be a sandwich board which says "ecco" on it. You are there, go inside and order a Margarita pizza for three quid and cover it in chilli flakes. You are winning! You can break the bank and have other toppings on it but you're looking at dropping off at least another quid. Here are some teasers for you...

If you don't want one now there are serious parts of your brain missing. More Italian style food news for you, the Shut salami board just sold. It's a shame, I'm going to miss that kicking around.

We should be receiving a whole new range of Shut stuff in April so hold tight.We all have tomorrow off. Have a great Easter weekend and enjoy that pizza next time you're in the neighbourhood, that information I just shared with you is priceless, trust me.

Happy Easter

Another occasional London resident we have lost to the sunny Los Angeles climate is Toddy's team mate mr Benny Fairfax. It is nice to see his face in recent mags. Here he is in two very simlar positions doing two totally different things.

This is Benny's new Adidas advert in the new Transworld. He's doing a backside nosegrind but you worked that out already. we only have one copy in the shop but ask to have a look.

Here he is on the cover of the new Kingpin which we do have for sale. He's kick flipping a bloody fence this time. Mr Fairfax is back on it which is good to see. Hopefully this Stereo sound agent and LT73 will put in some Greenwich mean time this summer. Want to know what the hot seller this week is?

It's the new Chukka low. It's Chima Feguson's colourway which is called Tawny port and they are £44.95. These shoes are flying out quick so if you want a pair make haste