Tuesday, 25 March 2008


When people aren't asking for Sk8 or die dunks they are calling about new HUF shirts. I put some on the pillar today

We had a lot more HUF shirts but they sell through quickly and are only available in-store as are all the New Era hats. We receive regular drops so it's worth coming by to check out the new stuff. As soon as we receive any we'll post images on the site. There was a media frenzy in the shop earlier:

Here we see Sam Ashley and Dom Marley adopting the military look while Neil Chester brings some colour to the proceedings. "That's the kind of guy I am" Ches said "Bringing some colour and brightening everything up". "You're more like a sponge!" Marley said in reply. Dom is taking that military approach to the streets as we speak describing himself as a soldier of fortune. He encountered Lenny Henry in the doorway of the local sweet shop a few hours ago. Lenny was blocking Marley's path so he jogged him out of the way. It's that no nonsense attitude that's got him where he is today.

We have a reason to celebrate today!

Nugget is 18!!!! Look out for him in a pub near you. Not just Nugget though...

Rob Mathieson is 25!!!!

Happy birthday fellas!

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