Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Slam City Skates / Document night

Last night was the third one we've done. It was a good night, thank you to all you lovely people who came out to play. Curses to the scumbags who Dr avoido'd it. Hops and Smasher loosened up the crowd as a kick off. Wonk Unit were really good and the Mighty Cougar treated us to some of his poems from the yet to be released "Memoirs of a loser". Lele {speaks} did us proud too. I think a new audience was won in both instances. The Biggy tribute was amazing and Ches ended the proceedings as always with some dubious music but then smashed it at the end with back to back Springsteen.
You came here to see the photos right? There's none here as of this moment but there will be in a day or so. Check back for a look at the fun. I'm not gonna leave you without a photo though.

You remember those plastic masks you got when you were a kid with the elastic round the back? That loft of mine is full with that kind of stuff. Here's four of the best. I think B.A is my favourite. Think I'd leave you with nothing to watch? Think again...


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