Saturday, 15 March 2008

DVS exhibition

We're starting to utilise the wall space downstairs a little more. This will become a changing fixture as more people use the space, a Toby Shuall exhibition is set to take place in the near future to co-incide with the launch of his next range of clothes, more about that soon.
DVS have done a second photographers series. The photographers who have done shoes are Michael Burnett, Dave Swift, Skin Phillips and J. Grant Brittain. Read more about it here

Stuart from Revival spent yesterday afternoon happily beavering around downstairs putting up the exhibition. You should definitely come in and have a look. The shoes are on display as well as loads of the pictures from the book. If you ask nicely you can look at that too. These are some of my favourites

This photo is amazing!

Ticking all those boxes right here, so good!

One of the best Transworld covers ever!

These are just a few of the many photos on display. Come by and have a look. Enjoy your weekend ya hear!

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