Saturday, 22 March 2008

What shall I eat for lunch?

Somebody asks this question every day, usually me. Then there follows about 30-40 minutes of debate and indecision. there are safety options, the classic cheese baguette, a jacket potatoe, a bagel. Today I'm going to let you in on a little secret. You're in Slam and you're hungry, really hungry. However you don't want to spend much, what do you do? Three quid realistically is a sandwich budget at best. I'm going to turn that three quid into an 11 inch pizza! I know, I know ...alchemy. What you do is walk out of Slam and take a left, at Shorts gardens on the corner of Neals yard turn left again. You are going to walk straight across Neals street and walk past Duffer on your right hand side

Stick your head round the door and say hello to Ash and Charlie and Neil ( who will probably be looking at Jake's Alley on the internet ) and Gary. Have a chat and then continue on your journey. Walk straight up past the fish and chip shop and past the sweet shop that sells sausage rolls. Carry straight on until you reach Drury lane, you'll know you're there because you're opposite a vintage clothes shop and can only turn left or right. Turn left. On your right hand side will be a sandwich board which says "ecco" on it. You are there, go inside and order a Margarita pizza for three quid and cover it in chilli flakes. You are winning! You can break the bank and have other toppings on it but you're looking at dropping off at least another quid. Here are some teasers for you...

If you don't want one now there are serious parts of your brain missing. More Italian style food news for you, the Shut salami board just sold. It's a shame, I'm going to miss that kicking around.

We should be receiving a whole new range of Shut stuff in April so hold tight.We all have tomorrow off. Have a great Easter weekend and enjoy that pizza next time you're in the neighbourhood, that information I just shared with you is priceless, trust me.

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