Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Another day...

Another dollar, more money more murder! Wet outside again but hopefully not tomorrow. Nugget was 18 last night and upon being ejected from the night out by a bouncer he mooned him which was pretty funny. He hadn't even been mis-behaving, simply crowd surfing on top of the other birthday boy Mr Mathieson.
Plans were finalised today for Toby Shuall's art show next month. It's happening on the 24th of April in the store and he has an after party booked in at the Macbeth. I'll keep you informed again nearer the time but mark that thursday in your diary. The show will be filling the space the previous DVS exhibition filled. The Skateboard mag with the London article in will be with us by friday as will the Slap with the Nick Jensen interview so you can side step Borders.
What's good and new? These new Vans just turned up

This is the Independent Chukka Low and it's £49.95. It is a nubuck shoe with a suede toe piece. Ideal!

This is the J-Lay, it's Johnny Layton's new shoe. It looks like it would be amazing to skate in and it's £49.95

Another Independent collaboration is this AV Era which is £59.95

Last but not least is this new colour in the half cab. Always a firm favourite these are still £39.95

These should be on the site by friday when our injured web master returns. If you want them before then pay us a visit or call us on 0870 420 4146. I saw this last night and I was stoked..

Always nice to see the Garden of England being repped, especially late at night on your way home. Here are some things you need to check out...

This is Neil Chesters newly revived blog. Fifteen feet of pure white snow!

This is self explanatory, Jamie Arghh's piracy is now available to you all via the world wide web. Have a good day people.

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