Monday, 24 March 2008

New Slang

Is a night John Tolley puts on in Kingston, think it was on last night. I didn't go but thought I'd mention it. I used that as the headline because of an old picture I found.
Working in the shop we are in the front line as far as kids trying out new slang words is concerned. There are the old classics, the Seth killers, best used all in one sentence...bare, safe and heavy. These were industry standard for a long time, I thought it had gone a little far when one well spoken middle class white boy asked to borrow 20p and said " safe very much " on receiving it. The best one i've heard recently is " shower ". Another good story about street lingo is Brewster overhearing a guy in foot locker say to his friend " I'm blatantly too reckless for these trainer! "
Anyway the killer of late has been "buff". "These are buff!", "Do you think these are buff?", "No those are much more buff!" etc. "Nang" is my pet hate but "Buff" has the best effect on Rob and Jackson. "Buff" brings out the temple massage at the best of times. Here's a photo in it's honour

I was later informed whose board was repping the sticker. It belonged to none other than work experience superstar Fred Bennet! The best thing about the word buff is that you can throw it into pretty much any sentence. If you're having trouble just create a sentence you don't need to say and say it anyway cos that would be buff....still!

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