Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday

Celebrated Charlie Young's birthday in Brighton last night. We had a fine old time. Woke up today, swam, Sauna'd and steam bathed in our hotel which was sick then went for breakfast after going to the beach...

On the way to breakfast we wandered into a gun shop and overheard a rude boy say to his mate " Nah blud the Beretta is heavy!" Here are the old and new pier's in all their glory. It was a good day. I went on the ghost train and Charlie won a terrifying pink soft toy on tin can alley.

He tried to win a penguin but to no avail

So we left the pier and someone got in the way of my photograph. Then we ran in the rain to get some fish and chips

I came home on the train and left mr Young there. It was amazing to smell that fresh sea air and be out of the city for a day or so.

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