Sunday, 23 March 2008

Keep your eyes peeled!

A few video releases slip by the radar but one eagerly anticipated gem is the next release from Ricky Oyola's Traffic skateboards. It's called Moving in Traffic and is due to be released soon

It will be good to see new parts from Jack Sabback and Bobby Puleo as well as the rest of the team. If you slept on the last dvd they brought out "VIA" there are still a few left in the store. It's amazing and is only a fiver

The new graphics look really good too, as soon as Zorlac has the new stuff his end we'll get some in and let you know. Here's some O.G moving in traffic action for you in the mean time

And a picture of Jack Sabback, honorary London resident Michael J Fox and Kenny Hughes taking it pirate style a few years ago in Barcelona

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