Saturday, 22 March 2008

Happy Easter

Another occasional London resident we have lost to the sunny Los Angeles climate is Toddy's team mate mr Benny Fairfax. It is nice to see his face in recent mags. Here he is in two very simlar positions doing two totally different things.

This is Benny's new Adidas advert in the new Transworld. He's doing a backside nosegrind but you worked that out already. we only have one copy in the shop but ask to have a look.

Here he is on the cover of the new Kingpin which we do have for sale. He's kick flipping a bloody fence this time. Mr Fairfax is back on it which is good to see. Hopefully this Stereo sound agent and LT73 will put in some Greenwich mean time this summer. Want to know what the hot seller this week is?

It's the new Chukka low. It's Chima Feguson's colourway which is called Tawny port and they are £44.95. These shoes are flying out quick so if you want a pair make haste

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