Saturday, 29 March 2008

Something for the weekend sir?

Hopefully you get to skate this weekend, if you don't, come by and pick up some new media...

Charlie is in the new Skateboard mag in the London article as well as Toddy, Steph, Lucien and Nick. Well worth a look. Charlie's switch krooked grind photo on a horse trough is mis-labelled as a regular one, just clearing that one up for you. Nick Jensen has a double whammy this month as far as coverage in American mags goes. He has an interview in Slap too....

The interview is rad. He has some sick photos and Dom and Toby asked him some good questions. He waxes lyrical about lots of stuff including having 50 cent in his house. Here is a teaser of this Southbank photo which has everything in it, even the ice cream van.
One thing we were stoked about was him road testing a Slam City Skates board on his switch ollie down the thirteen at Liverpool street

He's on one of the 8 inch ones here. We have these in stock as well as the 7.6 and 7.75. Good work Nick, always steady repping

If you haven't signed the Southbank petition hurry up ....

Toby Shuall, one of the makers of the Save southbank film just dropped us in fliers for his show

Please come by to both events, Toby has promised some ambitious work will be filling our basement so keep the 24th free and come and listen to Toby, Winstan and Will Bankhead play records. See you in the future

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