Sunday, 9 March 2008


Saw the Wonk last night in the 12 bar and it was wicked. Crew turned up to see them and as always they were well received, even mr Mark Harman was in attendance. The mighty Cougar was on top form and threw in some poetry too. "Cement" is a firm favourite of ours and that was the first one out the bag. New boy Owen wasn't there or Mez so without drums it was an acoustic affair but the Wonks quiver of songs lack none of their power without the beats and the Poissions electrifying bass worked well with the Monkey and the Cougar's acoustic guitars. The same kind of set will greet you when you turn up to the Slam party on the 17th...a week monday nerds, get the tuesday off! Here are some pictures to get you hyped on these lovely men, your new favourite band brought to you via camera phone..... The MIghty Cougar here, bringing it!...Water in hand, here we have a rendition of the classic Cougar poem "Cement" The Poission is a little out of focus here cos he was moving that electrifying bass at warp speed, my favourite Poission moment of the evening was the backing vocal "Woof!". The man does a mean "Shoe" too, you can't wait. The Monkey is there holding it down on the left too.. The whole crew is here smashing it. You wanna be like the Cougar do you? Grow a bloody big beard and come here and buy a Slam new era. These things are possible, massive Japans are not. See you on the 17th. The boys will tell you all about the murderers shoe.....Hops' favourite.

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