Thursday, 20 March 2008

What's new on the wall?

We just got a re-stock of the popular 10 year anniversary series from Heroin, plus we got the landscape Soy Panda and Joel Division boards back in. These are available for mail order or in store. Not pictured are three new third foot boards we received yesterday

Also in stock now are two new styles of death wheels and re-stock of Landscape 51's and 53's

Looks like we're going to be well stocked for you this Easter weekend!

Calling all Americans, calling all Americans! Have you seen this man?

If you have please send him back. He is missed and is missing out on fun. I'm sure he is having just as much there actually but send him back anyway. One thing he is missing out on is Charlie's birthday tonight. Could be his 29th or his 16th, not sure which

Here's a photo of the lovely fellow relieving himself outside Angel tube station. Happy birthday Charlie!!!

I was going to begin showing you pictures of some of the toys I received for my birthday whilst on the subject of birthdays but you must be exhausted by now. I know I am. Well okay here's one. Seth got me a wicked Rocky piece, it's Mick the trainer. Look at his little hat.

Pretty awesome right? I'll share some of the others with you in the coming weeks. I'm off for a day now so updates will be on saturday I'm afraid, if you want to see me I'll be in box. Over and out.

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