Thursday, 20 March 2008

New American boards

Just in, we have new American boards from Shiner. Including, you guessed it, one endorsed by Yaptain Streetwear..

He's chosen you the Real Hufamania board. It's 7.68 and it's a sick shape. Comes with a free "From the vaults" dvd too.

Also in are new boards from Alien and Habitat. All the new boards are £49.95 with free grip.

The AVE glugs board is 7.875 and the Dyrdek mice board with a graphic harking back to days of yore is 7.625.

The Molinar lone wolf has been and gone a few times now. It's 7.5. The O Connor vanishing ice deck is an 8.

Here are the two bangers. Saved you the best till last. Cardiel plus flannel wins out. It's 7.75, Cardiel's new ad is sick, he's doing a frontside 5-0. The Julien Stranger could just be the best graphic ever, well not ever but certainly in a long time. Star of David plus a Jew doing a Lien air. Jew-Lien....get it? Pretty sick. It's 7.75. Lev pointed out that it would also be quite funny if he was doing a Judo. Check more of Lev's humour and skateboarding finds at:

See you in here for these boards at the weekend then. We have three copies of the new Thrasher King of the road dvd in too and the new issue of thrasher and the Skateboard mag

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