Friday, 7 March 2008


It was Marley's birthday last night so we all went out in Croydon for a curry after skating Peckham bowl. It was a good night topped off by a visit to see the new Rambo feature. It did what it said on the tin, serious violence and some funny lines dotted about. I think "puss nuts" was my favourite. You should go and see it for sure. A happy birthday was had by mr Marley who took us for a ride in his new whip, blasting out Raekwon on the Alpine. Check out some Marley bangers on his site

Before we went skating I had a little shop. Found a sick Neil Young book about the album greendale. I have a ticket to see the man himself next friday and can't wait. Rob saw him two days ago and hasn't stopped raving about how good it was. Some of you I know would back me on liking Neil Young but I'm sure not many of you will be behind my shoe purchase.. It's a Jordan 8. I think they're sick. Part of that may be because they remind me of the self inflating pair in Back to the future 2. Like them or hate them they are a serious piece of design and I'm stoked.

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