Monday, 30 June 2008

Who can make it happen like Dirt?

This photo in from Ian in Sheffield. Thanks a lot, if I had these in my hand they might have winner status all over them..

Jayo spied this on his travels, click the link to see some Slam product placement next to your new bedroom mirror...

Sunday, 29 June 2008


..with art on it. Toddy's shoes turned up the other day. Todd Swank had done us a little drawing on the side. Check it out..

Keeping it real we have been. This clip isn't funny..

and neither is this..

Enjoy the tail end of your weekend.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

29 Acacia road

Ghetto snacks are in! Our second entry from mr Jayo. Check the snack out..

The price label confirms their ghetto status. Who manned up to the challenge?

Luigi was all about it. He got stuck in right away. Dan described them as moorish. You can find these in jazzy health shops but they would be nothing like these. Imagine all the goodness of a banana sucked dry, toasted then left to go soggy and infused with the rancid taste of a mouthful of sea water. Look at the ingredients..

I like the way they cover their bases here. Could contain....anything. Scraped off the floor yeah. Me and Dan had a taste, they repelled me but Luigi took the pack down, good work. Our second legitimate entry. Keep them coming. I've had a few skates recently with Joe, video star of yesterdays post. He came in yesterday with his brother who got his first board. Here's the two of them..

Joe is a big video game fan. He's going to be taking on some serious heads in the Streetfighter III tournament coming up. Hadouken! A new addition to the yard is a table tennis table. Charlie and Jackson gave it a sission the other day..

Jackson drove thirty miles to a skate park today only to discover he'd left his board in his room. He has good poise on this ball thwack..

Henry and Gareth are in SF right now thanks to Vans. They are having fun it seems, I've heard Gareth is making friends and influencing people. "Ever tried picking up your teeth with broken fingers?" Henry stumbled across this piece of history downtown..

All hail Cardiel! Happy saturday.

Friday, 27 June 2008

You and whose army?

Rob and Luigi went and saw Radiohead the other night independently of each other. Rob went on both nights! The next day I got a mail from Gareth because Colin Greenwood was wearing one of the St Pauls shirts we put out that Henry Kingsford did the photos for. Caleb hooked him up with one, here's the evidence...

I'm sure he's not reading this but if he was and needed another he would be welcome and should contatct Rob regarding this. Here's another..

Jackson has kind of let you all know what was going to be coming so none of this will come as a surprise. The suspense Neil from Duffer craves has been lost, don't worry though there's a special clip in store. Unfortunately Neil won't be able to enjoy it as no movie clips work, if they did they'd probably look bad through the cracked screen courtesy of Charlie's slippery fingers anyway. Ash is in Paris and he's never coming back, he's on a Yerpathon. Okay the ghetto snack entry we received. Ed sent us this image but no actual snack, it gets a post but unfortunately doesn't qualify for the prize running as taste and texture also have to be taken into consideration. Jayo has promised us some snacks so hold tight, here is what Ed sent/didn't send...

Bodean's is on route but in Luigi time I could be hungry for a very long time. Here's the clip I promised. We had a Peckham bowl session before Stockwell yesterday. Joe was intent on doing something dangerous and came up with this..

Have a good weekend

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The sun rises in the East..

.. and the East has risen onto the board wall. One whole row of East coast wood thanks to a bump up on our Shut stock, here's the row, pretty sure you won't find that in many other shops..

We've had a re-lick of the Knife series..

The team board made up of old sign pieces is sick as is the board graphic made up of old boards..

As well as these we have an interesting range of their weirder shaped cruisers. I'll take you through them. This is the 158 crest..

This next one is the immortal..

All of these cruisers are available at our online store and cost £54.95, the sizes are listed there too. Here's the Griffin perched in the window..

We had a re-stock of the salami board - Gunshot! or should I say Choc-ice! Some new slang for you, more of that later..

The zine board came in..

and we had a re-lick of the Flasher..

And the Eden is in too..

I'm stoked we have the Phil Frost cruiser back in, I'm backing this one. Here it is outside next to some of the man himself's work. This really is one for the wall, snap them up while we still have them..

Another interesting piece is this monster designed by Elf, it's 35" long!

Michael J Fox's hot pick of the week has dime bags all over it,

It's designed by Rick Charnoski. We were unable to get a flick of Mike holding the board but managed to get a picture of it next to the most recent piece of political graffiti to crop up outside..

Why did I mention slang earlier? Do you remember the "Buff" sticker we exposed months back which belonged to Fred Bennet. Well we had a visit from Fred earlier..

..and this ties in with a picture from Tamsin which could have been my favourite entry to the ghetto snacks comp if it had materialised. Unfortunately this entry was not a tangible thing and doesn't qualify for the mystery prize..

An undisclosed friend of mine is running a new blog, check it out quickly, the youtube clip is absolutely priceless! Dominguez Dominguez wherever you are get online and watch this clip, it's tailor made for you buddy!

Also check the new blog being run from the Blueprint camp, something about a black glove?

This is good. Regular updates from Shier on his travels. Like an informative picture postcard keeping us in the loop. Phew, i'm blogging off for now. See you soon

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Little ghetto boy..

..playing in the ghetto street! First ghetto snack is in and it's hot. Billy Waite our correspondent in the field and connoisseur of ghetto snacks brings us....

That's right Nurishment! That and Super Malt running the South London streets, as Billy said it should have been banana flavour for pure ghetto points but this is his particular favourite. Check out the goodness..

Is it a snack? I guess so according to the things it pumps you full of. Hard to bellieve a snack this trife hails from a place this beautiful..

Dunn's river brought us this piece. Reviewer for today was the only man brave enough to step up to the plate before mid-day. I think my favourite part of the review was Dan's cursed inability to open tin cans meaning he had to employ the use of the mutant tooth..

Can snaggled Dan made quick work of it's contents, this picture gave him some serious Popeye forearms..

Dan's review..."definitely ghetto but I don't feel nourished, probably better if you're out skating not sitting in a shop!" mmmm "Milk was a bad choice" As before this is the ghetto snack info, all entries to..


Send your ghetto snack contributions to :

The Ghetto Snack Judges
Slam City Skates
16 Neals Yard

Billy gets bonus beats for hand delivery, follow his lead. The best ghetto snack wins a surprise box of goods, no joke so get those entries in, we're hungry. We have new HUF gear in! Check it out, a new tee..

Also these Pill Box hats, we sold one and there are two left..

These hella stoops snap backs came in too..

The green is good, here is the back

We got a blue one..

and here's the back of that..

There's a red one..

Here's the back of it..

Finally there's a black one..

and the back of the black..

Jackson has been watching Cheese and crackers a lot recently, check it out...

That was a tre flip may day. See you tomorrow

Monday, 23 June 2008

"You're a daisy if you do"

I keep waxing lyrical about the new films I see. Today I'm going to turn you on to an old film that may just be better than anything you ever saw before. It came out in 93 and has an all star cast, you never get films like this anymore. Tombstone!

"I'm your huckleberry!"

Doesn't get much better than this. "You called down the thunder, well now you've got it!"

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Smoke break

Couldn't leave you hanging for another smoke break clip. I think they may become shorter as you'll see from this clip. Luigi keeps busting Rob mid footage collection..

He got some skate footage too on Go Skateboarding day courtesy of Hogs...

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Getting our shine on..

The pillar looks fresh..

We have loads of new Diamond shirts in. I'll take you through them..

The classic logo shirt. We have two colours..

I know you've been waiting for this one, the Lil' Daniel shirt..

It comes in two colours..

and has his signature on the back..

We got the Ace trucks collaboration in. This is the front print..

and this is the back..

It comes in three colours..

These are the different colours the back print comes in..

The Ace team list is pretty impressive, Shier showed us it the other day. Shier has a sick interview in the latest Skateboarder Magee just dropped in. This International print came in..

It comes in three colours..

I like this print, the logo tee filled with a paradise..

This comes in three colours too..

Last off is this crooks and castles collab. Be quick for these, we just sold one of the tiffany coloured prints. The front looks like this..

It comes in three colours..

and has crooks and castles logos on the arm..

That's it for the new Diamond stuff. Boards are in from Out of Step distribution too though. Slam City Skates team rider and Stereo Sound Agent Olly Todd was stoked to see his new boards on the wall..

Our other surprise visitor yesterday was Jerry Hsu. It looked like he'd been doing steroids..

See you tomorrow