Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Little ghetto boy..

..playing in the ghetto street! First ghetto snack is in and it's hot. Billy Waite our correspondent in the field and connoisseur of ghetto snacks brings us....

That's right Nurishment! That and Super Malt running the South London streets, as Billy said it should have been banana flavour for pure ghetto points but this is his particular favourite. Check out the goodness..

Is it a snack? I guess so according to the things it pumps you full of. Hard to bellieve a snack this trife hails from a place this beautiful..

Dunn's river brought us this piece. Reviewer for today was the only man brave enough to step up to the plate before mid-day. I think my favourite part of the review was Dan's cursed inability to open tin cans meaning he had to employ the use of the mutant tooth..

Can snaggled Dan made quick work of it's contents, this picture gave him some serious Popeye forearms..

Dan's review..."definitely ghetto but I don't feel nourished, probably better if you're out skating not sitting in a shop!" mmmm "Milk was a bad choice" As before this is the ghetto snack info, all entries to..


Send your ghetto snack contributions to :

The Ghetto Snack Judges
Slam City Skates
16 Neals Yard

Billy gets bonus beats for hand delivery, follow his lead. The best ghetto snack wins a surprise box of goods, no joke so get those entries in, we're hungry. We have new HUF gear in! Check it out, a new tee..

Also these Pill Box hats, we sold one and there are two left..

These hella stoops snap backs came in too..

The green is good, here is the back

We got a blue one..

and here's the back of that..

There's a red one..

Here's the back of it..

Finally there's a black one..

and the back of the black..

Jackson has been watching Cheese and crackers a lot recently, check it out...

That was a tre flip may day. See you tomorrow

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