Saturday, 14 June 2008

The hardware store

Serious hardware has been flying out of the door recently, it's like home improvement with Tim the Toolman Taylor. Here's a little insight as to what is currently sitting on the wall but judging from todays progress-not for long. We have this limited edition Real board, graphics courtesy of our friend French...

He did this Fallen shirt design too and came in to hold it up for us..

I was pretty sure these two graphics were going to be the best in the shop this weekend..

That was until I spotted this Skate Mental piece..

Look in the background. You see that Slam City Skates board? That's the last one of it's kind and now it's not in here because it belongs to this guy..

Rob in the background up to his old jedi mind tricks. Brophy has a sick photo in the new Modus catalogue..

R.B Umali dropped by today and picked up a Slam shirt, he's here on a Zoo trip. Like an idiot I didn't get a picture but better than that here's a clip from one of my favourite videos which he made....

Enjoy your summery saturday evening.

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