Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The sun rises in the East..

.. and the East has risen onto the board wall. One whole row of East coast wood thanks to a bump up on our Shut stock, here's the row, pretty sure you won't find that in many other shops..

We've had a re-lick of the Knife series..

The team board made up of old sign pieces is sick as is the board graphic made up of old boards..

As well as these we have an interesting range of their weirder shaped cruisers. I'll take you through them. This is the 158 crest..

This next one is the immortal..

All of these cruisers are available at our online store and cost £54.95, the sizes are listed there too. Here's the Griffin perched in the window..

We had a re-stock of the salami board - Gunshot! or should I say Choc-ice! Some new slang for you, more of that later..

The zine board came in..

and we had a re-lick of the Flasher..

And the Eden is in too..

I'm stoked we have the Phil Frost cruiser back in, I'm backing this one. Here it is outside next to some of the man himself's work. This really is one for the wall, snap them up while we still have them..

Another interesting piece is this monster designed by Elf, it's 35" long!

Michael J Fox's hot pick of the week has dime bags all over it,

It's designed by Rick Charnoski. We were unable to get a flick of Mike holding the board but managed to get a picture of it next to the most recent piece of political graffiti to crop up outside..

Why did I mention slang earlier? Do you remember the "Buff" sticker we exposed months back which belonged to Fred Bennet. Well we had a visit from Fred earlier..

..and this ties in with a picture from Tamsin which could have been my favourite entry to the ghetto snacks comp if it had materialised. Unfortunately this entry was not a tangible thing and doesn't qualify for the mystery prize..

An undisclosed friend of mine is running a new blog, check it out quickly, the youtube clip is absolutely priceless! Dominguez Dominguez wherever you are get online and watch this clip, it's tailor made for you buddy!

Also check the new blog being run from the Blueprint camp, something about a black glove?

This is good. Regular updates from Shier on his travels. Like an informative picture postcard keeping us in the loop. Phew, i'm blogging off for now. See you soon

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