Sunday, 1 June 2008

Now I work down at the carwash...

...Where all it ever does is rain, don't you feel like you're a rider on a downbound train!

Last night was amazing. The boss put on a heroic set peppered with gems that he hadn't played the night before including two requests that were tour premieres, both off Born in the U.S.A. Opening with Out in the street killed it especially when Clarence Clemens sings "out in the street baby". Tenth avenue freeze out brought on a serious dance in the pit towards the end. No surrender and Growin' up meant I was having the time of my life from the get go. You want to know what he played?..

Out In The Street
No Surrender
Darkness On The Edge Of Town
Gypsy Biker
Radio Nowhere
4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
Growin' Up
Downbound Train - Tour Premiere
I'm On Fire - Tour Premiere
Because The Night
She's The One
Livin' In The Future
Mary's Place
The Promised Land
The Rising
Last To Die
Long Walk Home

Born To Run
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
American Land

There was nowhere I'd rather have been. Rob had a good night out independently of mine but encountered bicycle problems this morning. His chain and the stupidity of incompetent drivers rendered him behind schedule and covered in grease. He needs to get a reliable bike like mine..

..this machine ensures I'm king of the road. Look at this massive cat Rob saw..

Bakul found this for me in a charity shop..

Talking of good taste Luigi is taking a seriously long time on his Burrito retrieving mission. Having caught up on Lost I only have an episode of that to look forward to a week. I needed another series, imagine my joy when I came home and found these on the bed..

Here's an old photo from Charlie. Dom took it, it's Charlie leaping a maniacal looking Rob and a cool as ice little Joe..

Who's little Joe?..

This photo of Joe Weapon was lifted from Adam's site. Check it out here..

Have a good sunday

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