Saturday, 21 June 2008

Getting our shine on..

The pillar looks fresh..

We have loads of new Diamond shirts in. I'll take you through them..

The classic logo shirt. We have two colours..

I know you've been waiting for this one, the Lil' Daniel shirt..

It comes in two colours..

and has his signature on the back..

We got the Ace trucks collaboration in. This is the front print..

and this is the back..

It comes in three colours..

These are the different colours the back print comes in..

The Ace team list is pretty impressive, Shier showed us it the other day. Shier has a sick interview in the latest Skateboarder Magee just dropped in. This International print came in..

It comes in three colours..

I like this print, the logo tee filled with a paradise..

This comes in three colours too..

Last off is this crooks and castles collab. Be quick for these, we just sold one of the tiffany coloured prints. The front looks like this..

It comes in three colours..

and has crooks and castles logos on the arm..

That's it for the new Diamond stuff. Boards are in from Out of Step distribution too though. Slam City Skates team rider and Stereo Sound Agent Olly Todd was stoked to see his new boards on the wall..

Our other surprise visitor yesterday was Jerry Hsu. It looked like he'd been doing steroids..

See you tomorrow

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