Saturday, 28 June 2008

29 Acacia road

Ghetto snacks are in! Our second entry from mr Jayo. Check the snack out..

The price label confirms their ghetto status. Who manned up to the challenge?

Luigi was all about it. He got stuck in right away. Dan described them as moorish. You can find these in jazzy health shops but they would be nothing like these. Imagine all the goodness of a banana sucked dry, toasted then left to go soggy and infused with the rancid taste of a mouthful of sea water. Look at the ingredients..

I like the way they cover their bases here. Could contain....anything. Scraped off the floor yeah. Me and Dan had a taste, they repelled me but Luigi took the pack down, good work. Our second legitimate entry. Keep them coming. I've had a few skates recently with Joe, video star of yesterdays post. He came in yesterday with his brother who got his first board. Here's the two of them..

Joe is a big video game fan. He's going to be taking on some serious heads in the Streetfighter III tournament coming up. Hadouken! A new addition to the yard is a table tennis table. Charlie and Jackson gave it a sission the other day..

Jackson drove thirty miles to a skate park today only to discover he'd left his board in his room. He has good poise on this ball thwack..

Henry and Gareth are in SF right now thanks to Vans. They are having fun it seems, I've heard Gareth is making friends and influencing people. "Ever tried picking up your teeth with broken fingers?" Henry stumbled across this piece of history downtown..

All hail Cardiel! Happy saturday.

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