Wednesday, 4 June 2008


The bumper crop of blog material I brought you yesterday has left me weak and wheezing, it was probably exhausting as well as informative for you too I imagine. For this reason I'm going to direct your blog thirst elsewhere. Want to know what Mr Seb Palmer is up to?

Seb sharing some priceless wax with you there, here's another little piece from my vaults..

I had a peek at what Seb did next earlier, good stuff. I was also alerted to another blog by Henry Kingsford full of skateboarding gold. Have a look..

That's made you want to go skating right? A shed load of new boards are on their way to us for the weekend so expect to see some new anti Hero, Alien and Habitat boards on our wall by friday if you need some new stuff before your weekend shred. Dan noticed something funny while flicking through the sleeve notes on a much played CD of ours..

Think it may wear out soon, check the look alike in the sleeve notes..

Don't you think Thurston Moore looks an awful lot like Mark Baines here? Uncanny I would say. Hopefully the floor room will appear in my bedroom and I can throw arrows again whilst waiting for the bath to run. One double 16 session reaped photo worthy results so I'm going to share them with you..

That's right, all three on the money. Believe it or not, I was psyched at the time. funniest thing is Marley has an identical photo on his phone. Two days off and skateboarding on the agenda. See you soon..


Slobodan Burgher said...

Flyer for you to put up Jake, cheers

Slobodan Burgher said...

Actually, set up the blog here

so nevermind the first link - all artwork at blog