Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Back to Back..

...Birthdays. Ash was out for last nights celebrations which were a good time for sure. He's enjoying a well deserved day off today far from the maddening crowd. Happy birthday Ash!...from a bunch of hot girls

Neil's back, I wonder what he had for lunch. He brought me this sick key ring he found in the airport

He's hanging out behind me right now. Look what Dan Magee brought us in today..

These were sent to Dan by his aunt from the states. Here's the initial enjoyment flick..

and then a scrabble for the crumbs..

I was dubious but they're good, really spicy! These have inspired a competition idea..
Here it is-

Send us in the best ghetto snack you can find, international flavour welcomed. The anti is set by Dan's aunts donation, up it. Send your ghetto snack contributions to :

The Ghetto Snack Judges
Slam City Skates
16 Neals Yard

We'll give you a run down of them as they come in and the winner gets a mystery box of goodies. We eagerly await any entries. This is happening on thursday...

A good alternative night's entertainment run by a thoroughly nice guy. See you tomorrow, hope to be greeted by a ghetto snack.

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