Friday, 27 June 2008

You and whose army?

Rob and Luigi went and saw Radiohead the other night independently of each other. Rob went on both nights! The next day I got a mail from Gareth because Colin Greenwood was wearing one of the St Pauls shirts we put out that Henry Kingsford did the photos for. Caleb hooked him up with one, here's the evidence...

I'm sure he's not reading this but if he was and needed another he would be welcome and should contatct Rob regarding this. Here's another..

Jackson has kind of let you all know what was going to be coming so none of this will come as a surprise. The suspense Neil from Duffer craves has been lost, don't worry though there's a special clip in store. Unfortunately Neil won't be able to enjoy it as no movie clips work, if they did they'd probably look bad through the cracked screen courtesy of Charlie's slippery fingers anyway. Ash is in Paris and he's never coming back, he's on a Yerpathon. Okay the ghetto snack entry we received. Ed sent us this image but no actual snack, it gets a post but unfortunately doesn't qualify for the prize running as taste and texture also have to be taken into consideration. Jayo has promised us some snacks so hold tight, here is what Ed sent/didn't send...

Bodean's is on route but in Luigi time I could be hungry for a very long time. Here's the clip I promised. We had a Peckham bowl session before Stockwell yesterday. Joe was intent on doing something dangerous and came up with this..

Have a good weekend

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