Friday, 20 June 2008

The lord giveth..

... and he taketh away. Saw this on the street the other day and I was psyched!

Yes I thought, a score! Then for a second I thought it was a Scottish note and then fully bummed I realised it was useless. It's 20 Dirhams, Moroccan cash. Whilst changing up some cash to Euros for my parents I remembered this rogue note and thought why not get it changed up. The man in the change booth informed me you aren't allowed to take the currency out of the country, then he gave it back to me. If you are a Jakes alley reader with an up and coming trip to Morocco, hit me up for it. It's in my wallet, I think it would buy you lunch.
We are currently enjoying a visit from Dave t' Rave on his new bike also known as...

He turned our attention to a new high brow film that's in the making tied to the Onion. It's the kind Ches likes, subtitles and heartache..

I was enjoying my journey to work this morning. Every morning I've been selecting neglected CD's from my collection and giving them the time of day. Reaching my normal spot on the station platform I saw a large field trip of 7-8 year old school kids. This would usually send me packing to the far end of the train but with music on the go any shrill voice induced headaches are easily averted so I sat in my normal spot surrounding by kids un-disturbed. Once I got to London bridge I pulled out my personal entertainment system in order to change the disc. This is what I'm running...

As soon as she saw it the child opposite elbowed her mate and burst out laughing whilst pointing at my discman. I think it's fine, it's a good way of listening to an album. Listening to albums as intended is a lost art, they are made as an album and make sense as an album. I felt like telling her this and throwing an MP3 at her.It's always nice to be mocked before work by someone more than twenty years younger than you. Have a good friday

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