Sunday, 15 June 2008

Hulk Smash!!

Got involved last night with our green friend. Gamma radiation sucks for Bruce Banner as he struggles with his other reality but for us the viewers it rules as he takes on the army, airforce and police and the terrifying Abomination. Like Marvel forerunner Ironman the Avengers initiative is hinted at too, this lead to the rudeboys behind us to shout out "Brap Brap!" My sentiments exactly. Still not convinced? This'll get you juiced..

Before we watched the film we enjoyed a brief stint at the amusemnet arcade. The theme of the visit seemed to be trying to win something with those unreliable mechanical hooks. This machine sucked options wise...

Can you believe it? One solo mooning Winnie the Pooh. The one filled with Wiley Coyote's and Tasmanian Devils got a session, this machine won out though..

An oasis of fun, Zoltar the magnificent on the boardwalk. Only 30p a go and you win every time, if you get it right you can pick up a wedge of stuff...good stuff too...look..

I think my best result was two wham bars in one hit. Amusement arcade and the Hulk in the same night, that is good living. My brother just returned from holiday and he brought me those good Italian bangers back so I expect they'll be spicing up a night out at some point soon. Ali Lowe dropped us off some more Hobo goods. The boards glow in the dark!!

Mike saved some trousers. They are in his own personalised limited edition flame head bag..

Have you seen this Gino board?

It inspired Rob..

Luigi just headbutted a scaffolding pole by accident. Good times!

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