Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Event Horizon...

as in there are a lot of events on the horizon. On saturday it's Go Skateboarding day. This is happening at Bay 66 in West London..

The day after is a 30th birthday celebration. 30 years of Romford. Here's the info..

The next event is skateboard related in as much as our friend Andy who skates is behind it. It's a bicycle event and it's on saturday night

It's starting to look like a bike shop in here some days, have a look for yourself..

The party is to celebrate the launch of Andy's new fixed gear mag "Fixed". Here is the man himself Hadoukening the mag into your peepers. This is a sneak peek of how it's going to look..

We have Story boards on the wall..

There's also a Traffic Puleo board..

I like days when I have a project. Welcome to my project..

A man dropped this in for us to check out. I'll take you through it..

Here's the tape, nicely cut to size..

These are the stickers that come with it, the weelchair is my favourite. Rob griefed me for referring to them as decals. That's what stickers were always called when they came with any kind of model you got as a kid. But anyway this is the decal selection. Here is Rob's decal job..

The trucks come in pieces..

Here are the wheels and the tool..

One truck..

Two trucks..

Voila! The end product perched on a Kryptonic for some scale..

Finally here's an action shot of Seb on his visit..

Projects like this fill you with a wonderful sense of achievement. Where are our ghetto snacks?


Slobodan Burgher said...

HA! Go Skateboard Day at bloody Gaystation? What a cop-out. I thought this was supposed to be a day when we all run wild in the streets en mass, a strength in numbers type up thing. But at a skatepark? Hah. Probably cost £7 to get in as well...

I'll be street skateboarding.

Jakes Alley said...

Just posting news as it shows up on the counter.
Half of me agrees with the strength in numbers thing but all that has done previously is heat up existing spots. I don't think it being Go Skateboarding day should be any kind of inspiration to spend seven pounds or nothing at all. If anything we need to celebrate it being dry every chance we get. Today is my Go Skateboarding day a.k.a my day off. Off out there now