Friday, 28 March 2008

What the dunk?

We got a new one. Been a while now, we only received eight pairs of this new Dunk High. It's part of the guitar series, this one is based on a Marshall amp. It's a premium so it's £69.95

We also got in the first colour we've had of the Air Trainer II. It's the gold colourway. These are £79.95

The swoosh is reflective, I'll prove it to you....

There's some more stuff coming in later on, mostly boards so check the alley if you're in the market for a new board this weekend, I'll bring you that gold sitting in Charlie's camera over the next day or so too. Had a beer with Charlie and Neil last night, I was most impressed at the pub having the king of beers on tap....

Here is a picture of our web master in happier times..

See you next week Mark, have a good weekend.

This will brighten your day! The first installment is available on the Toy Machine dvd suffer the Joy, got nothing to do today? Get inspired by Billy's Balls!


Gormski said...

ahhhhhh budweiser on tap, Where?

Jakes Alley said...

The old coffee house in Soho Gorm!