Friday, 28 March 2008


...Is product day. Just received another Air Trainer 2! Stoked on this colour way, it's got a reflective swoosh once again, it's £79.95 too and it looks like this..

Not only is there new footwear here for you, we have a grip of new boards too. I'll take you through them

These boards from Habitat in the limited edition series turned up. The whole series looks rad, each board is 7.875.

We have these two Alien boards. The Jason Dill is part of the soldier series, it's 7.625. The Josh Kalis is one of the Glugs boards, always nice to have a Kalis board in, it's 7.5

Also from Alien are the Dylan Reider debut models in both sizes. The one on the left is 7.625 and the bigger one on the right is 8, what a good graphic

These Anti Hero boards are in and the ever popular Jew Lien board too, one reserved and one left. The Cardiel screaming eagle has sold out a couple of times but is back by popular demand. The board is 7.9, we have the Eagle 2 board in again in small, it's 7.625

The Gonz sweatpants is back in and is the 7.75 one, the Gonz Peligro is 7.81 and the Drehobl Corpsey which is always a firm favourite is 8.25

The Creature Sam Hitz was a no brainer. Creature boards never hang around for very long, more Creature related news in a minute. The Hitz is big, it's 8.1

I was stoked on the Hensley all star, a tip of the hat to the old H street graphic, I got in the reglar one not the cruiser shape, it's big though...8.25. The Chet Childress board in the artists series is 7.75, Lance Mountain did the graphic.
Hopefully that's enough for you over the weekend, we have The Skateboard mag with the London article in and also the Slap mag with Jensen's interview so come and pick up your copy here.

Alfie Ashpole from Jersey came in today with another Sam Hitz board, the Hack saw board we had in here. We got it set up and ready to roll for him, being a fairly unusual shape it attracted quite a lot of attention..

Rob got to grip it, carefully hollowing out those holes with a file..

He was stoked on his new board. Good luck with the weather tomorrow Alfie, hope your new board gets to explore Romford without sawing your leg off.

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trish-jersey said...

thats my boy, give it loads Alfie,
Nanny Pat in Jersey xxx