Friday, 3 October 2008

"Kick a dope verse then we ghost!"

Forgot all about this track and then searched it out the other day. It's off one of Kool Keith's old projects the Cenobites. If you find it buy it! Sam Barrat was at work before me this morning, he zipped back from the caravan to set up a show in the shop only to hurry back there when he was done. I opened the shutters to be greeted by the colourful new window display..

I like Lance Mountain's fish. The show is a joint venture between Lance Mountain and Craig Stecyk. If you want to know more about it there's a booklet we have here to give away, you're welcome to one. They smell like gherkins. This is the shoe..

One of the skulls which is in the window is on the back of the Blazer...

Here is the shelf display as it stands..

The wall looks really good..

Lucien Clarke left his bike in here over night. He returned this afternoon to pick it up and it had been safely housed...

Out of harms way. This picture makes the bike look a normal size, Rob on board may put it in perspective..

Lucien was glad he came by just as the new shirts arrived..

Make that eye out? He was with the man of the hour too..

Yeah! Eugene! Along with his shirt was the Jake's Alley loves Lola the dog one..

Shier was stoked, here's an old picture of the two of them together..

and here's a model shot..

Think our model was Finnish. To get your Jake's Alley loves Lola the dog shirt send cash in an envelope to Jake, Slam City Skates....just kidding. Both shirts are here now and available in store. They'll be on the online store early next week. For you shopaholics out there looking for a new rig we have good news. The board wall has had a Blueprint injection..

Spray hearts always win out at the weekend. There's been a pro board re-lick..

If you missed that Jensen roots board first time round it's been re-issued. We are good for hardware this weekend, there are some Zero and Slave boards too..

this straggler nearly didn't make it..

The last new item which may draw you in here is this Blazer low..

Plenty of other Nike SB items are due to arrive next week. I'll post up some images shortly. Freedom greets me tomorrow after an MJ Fox shift swap. With the end of the Soprano's in sight, Lost stalling and Prison Break failing to deliver I may have found hope. Ben gave me a tip off on a new series...

Could be the one. See you in the queue for the Lola shirts

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