Friday, 24 October 2008

Something for the weekend

There's more new product in the shop than you can shake a stick at. We have some boxes of Altamont downstairs that will make the rail by the weekend. I unpacked it, there are some good jackets, sweats, flannel, cords and jeans. We have new Etnies and Emerica as you will have seen updated on the site. There are new boards on the wall..

We also have another in store only deal with this new DQM stuff. there is a sick jacket available in two colours..

This dirty bird shirt gets mine and Dan's blessing. Also available in two colours..

Everyone was hyped on this shirt, good colours..

We got two hat styles in. A new era in three colours..

and a snapback with a Krylon style logo..

We have a new dunk high Todd Bratraud colourway and a re-lick of the ever popular black and white Blazer low..

We went to the opening of the Pointer footwear concession in Size the other night. Here's the man himself Gareth Skewis..

Him and Tuuka hanging out in front of the booth and Nicky Gard who was making sure everything ran smoothly looking radiant. You should pop by and have a look, the installation is in Size on Carnaby street..

There was a good turn out. Hogs was there..

and the Callow man..

The last picture of the night is of agent LT73, a thorn between two roses..

There have been a few fun evenings with this man recently. Last night celebrated Seth and Stu Bentley's birthdays, tonight is Sam Ashley's, happy birthday lads. We enjoyed a 60 second in the microwave chicken burger late last night. I read a load of old skate mags at Charlie's house yesterday, it's fun looking at old pictures of your friends and reading the nonsense you have written about each other. Here are some pictures from old mags dropped in by a customer having a clearout. Toby Shuall running the Viccy bench area with a switch nose grind..

and Lev Tanju getting Spanish with his switch ollie..

Lev is busy designing a new Palace waywards web page for you to fill the gap left when myskateordie ceased living in your laptop. There is a Palace Waywards section in our friend Martin from Slugger's new dvd. You better be at the premiere, the poster is funny as hell..

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