Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Two events.. two days. Tonight I shall see you here..

and these ominous looking folk as well as the best selection of visitors we have had in ages..

..are downstairs transforming that blank canvas behind them into..

Tomorrow nights exhibition looks set to be sick. Badger is behind me right now hanging the Tweaker window display. This board belongs to one of tonight's DJ's..

It's Sam Ashley's cruiser, most of his rig is available here sans Sheckler sticker. This Obey Barack Obama shirt just came in..

They've been going quick so get in there. Wilson took down two kebabs in one sitting at the weekend, this gave me great pleasure. Here's an action shot..

In other kebab related news, here's Neil's lunch assortment documented by Ash..

The wotsits are my favourite piece of this puzzle, the rest I can understand. Think Pizzer will be in attendance tomorrow night. I will sign off using his favourite sign off line-"Keep on trucking!" That sign off makes sense of this old photo..

Event your legs off!

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