Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Regular UK visitor and now UK resident Will Harmon has asked to use the Alley as a kind of Gumtree service with a more tailored readership. Will has lost a photograph. It isn't this one..

and he couldn't find it here..

This is what he's looking for, we hope you can help. It's an old issue of Sidewalk. By Will's reckoning the photo was in an issue in late 2001 possibly the December issue. It could be in the January 2002 issue. Will has never seen the photo and would appreciate the copy of the mag. It's a sequence and a still of a backside nosegrind pop out at the now un-skateable National Portrait Gallery ledge. The photo was shot by Oliver Barton. If anyone has this for Will he is offering a reward so get it sent. Thank you for your cooperation

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